Sending mail Deutsche Post

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Sending mail Deutsche Post

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published: March 09, 2017

When I received the email offering me this position as a writer-editor for Stars and Stripes Europe, I was ecstatic! I was given a laundry list of documents to provide and forms to complete. I went to my folder of important documents to get everything prepared. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t locate my social security card with my married name – only the one with my maiden name. Lovely ... I contacted the personnel office to see if the card along with my marriage certificate would suffice. No such luck. Therefore, I needed to apply for a new one through the consulate in Frankfurt.

Sure, I could have used the United States Postal Service. However, that would’ve taken longer and been more expensive. So I took the plunge and headed to the nearest Deutsche Post location.


Stamps for letters can be purchased onsite or online. For letters, the stamp rounds up to a maximum weight. For example, it is 0.20 euros for a letter up to 20 grams and 1.45 euros for one up to 500 grams. If you’re unsure of the weight, your best bet is to go to a branch to ensure you purchase the proper postage without overpaying. If you don't have an envelope, they can be purchased onsite with proper postage included.

Packages are sent by DHL. You do not have to go to a separate location. Deutsche Post and DHL are in the same place.

Addressing the envelope

When addressing an envelope or package, there are slight differences within Germany versus the United States. Mailing (Empfänger or receiver) and return (Absender) addresses should read as follows:

First Name, Last Name
Street, House Number
Postal Code, Town

The return address and postage go in the same places you’re used to; however, the mailing address goes in the center of the envelope all the way to the right, not centered.

Try not to be intimidated! The Deutsche Post staff was extremely helpful. You can find locations, mail drop boxes, postage costs and more on the official website. Use a web browser that translates from German to English.

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