Let's fly a kite!

by Alejandra Flores
Stripes Europe

Every year on September 28-29, Scheveningen Beach hosts one of the largest kite festivals in the world. Attracting people of all ages with colorful reminders of youth, the kite festival welcomes kite flyers from all parts of the globe ready to display their sport.  

During the festival, Scheveningen Beach will be covered with colors of many different shapes and sizes. Kite flyers and non-kite flyers alike will be amazed by all the various styles. The festival has five kite categories: top sports, sci-fi, culture, science, and nature. The festival also offers booths to make or buy kites and offers demonstrations on how to perform tricks. For those who are not as interested in kite flying, don’t fret, the festival offers a wide variety of kite sports to participate in or watch, including kite-surfing, kite-yachting, kite-skateboarding, and kite-skiing. From kite sports to kite flyers, this festival has much to offer. For the grand finale, they host a night kite show with a variety of lights.  

Want to see more of the Netherlands after the festival? Make sure to visit the city of Hague which is only 20 minutes away from Scheveningen. After a long day at the festival, stay the night and enjoy some of the history and beauty of the city.  

Come for the kites and stay for the city! The Netherlands has so much to offer from the friendly atmosphere of the kite festival to the culturally rich city of Hague.  

For more information on the Kite Festival Visit the official site.  

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