Large protest planned outside Ramstein AB

Large protest planned outside Ramstein AB

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published: June 07, 2016

Kaiserslautern Military Community residents and visitors should take note of a large demonstration that is planned this weekend between June 10-12 from Kaiserslautern to Ramstein Air Base.

"Initiative Stop Ramstein" is planning to protest this Saturday, June 11, outside of Ramstein Air Base's west gate between 1-5 p.m. The coordinator is estimating 5,000 demonstrators with a rally that kicks off at the main train station in Kaiserslautern. Both Polizei and 569 USFPS will conduct vehicle and crowd control measures outside the west gate, as well as, along the human chain between the west gate traffic circle through Ramstein Village; between the main road from Kindsbach through Landstuhl; and between Lanstuhl's city center to the west gate access road toward the west gate traffic circle. Please avoid these areas and the west gate as much as possible. East and LVIS gates will be open for use from 10-7 p.m.

Separate demonstrations are planned at the Einsiedlerhof and Landstuhl train stations. Protesters are also planning to hold a peace and/or protest camp in the Weltersbach area from June 8-12.

The demonstrations are intended to be peaceful, however violence is a possibility and any large gatherings or obvious protest activity should be avoided. If there are questions, please contact Wing Antiterrorism at DSN 480-7029/7972.

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