Get moving with Outdoor Rec's Dreamloops Hiking Series

Get moving with Outdoor Rec's Dreamloops Hiking Series

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published: June 20, 2016

Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation has a challenge for you! Hike 138 kilometers with us through the beautiful terrain of Germany, France and Luxembourg. These circular hikes end where they begin, making your return easy and stress free.  Many of these hikes include delicious refreshment stops or other attractions along the route.

Our next hike is the 8-kilometer Wine and Nature Hike next Monday, June 26, departing from Pulaski Outdoor Rec at 8 a.m. The price is $29 and includes round-trip transportation and a guide.  

Reserve your space for the Wine and Nature Hike with Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation by June 22: 

Army Outdoor Recreation, Kaiserslautern Community
Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2905
DSN: (314) 493-4117
Commercial: +49 (0)6313-406-4117


Family & MWR One Stop Shop
Landstuhl Post, Bldg. 3810
DSN: (314) 486-1780
Commercial: +49 (0)6371-86-1780

For a complete Dreamploops Hiking Series calendar, visit the Kaiserslautern Family and MWR website

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