Forget romance: 6 alternatives for Feb. 14

Forget romance: 6 alternatives for Feb. 14

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published: February 12, 2017

Are you single? In a relationship but not into Hallmark’s day of love? There are plenty of things to do on Valentine’s Day that don’t involve sappy cards, overpriced flowers, cheesy movies and expensive dinners. Here are a few anti-Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Awareness Day) ideas.

1. Go to an event at your installation. Kaiserslautern, Germany’s MWR and Navy MWR Naples, Italy and many other organizations are hosting non-Valentine’s Day parties. Check out our list (scroll to the bottom for anti-Valentine events) and head to your installation’s morale and recreation or force support program website for additional activities.   

2. Host a party. It doesn’t have to be anything big or complicated. Invite friends, both singles and couples, and ask every guest to bring a dish. Use the free Perfect Potluck website to ensure you have a mix of appetizers, mains and desserts. If you choose to decorate, pick up some typical Valentine’s Day merch and defame it. Tear hearts in half, draw Xs on Cupid … you get the idea.

3. Go to dinner with friends. Include singles and couples, and go somewhere casual, like a burger joint, pub or tapas bar. Make reservations, just in case.

4. Catch a flick. Romantic comedies and sappy dramas are out. Pick something from the thriller, Sci-Fi, comedy or action genre. BTW, you can totally do this one alone or with companions.

5. Travel. This year, V-Day falls on a Tuesday, making this option impossible for some. If you can’t leave town for a few days, check out a local restaurant, museum or landmark. And if your schedule is already packed with obligations, make a date (I mean, mark your calendar) to go over the weekend.

6. Pamper yourself. Binge-watch your favorite show with a nice glass of Chardonnay. Schedule a massage or go on a mini shopping spree. Play video games till after midnight or turn in early with a good book. Make Valentine’s Day all about you. 

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