Find out how AFN selects NFL and NCAA football games

Find out how AFN selects NFL and NCAA football games

by: American Forces Network | .
American Forces Network | .
published: August 24, 2016

"Sports Talk with Willie and Jay" is a new Facebook Live event where the AFN sports programming team will answer your questions about the upcoming sports season on AFN. The first two sessions will be on Thursday, Aug. 25, at 7 p.m. CET (Central European Time) and Friday, Aug. 26, at 2 a.m. JKT (Japan/Korea Time). During these sessions, Willie and Jay will address the upcoming NFL and NCAA football seasons.

Willie and Jay will cover topics, such as how they select live games and tape delay others. For college football, Willie and Jay will answer how ranking, academy and rivalries factor into scheduling. You will also find out the NFL schedule for week one!

Don't miss your chance to ask the how and why of AFN sports scheduling! Be sure to keep an eye out for "Sports Talk" going live at strategic times during the year, usually with the start of major sports seasons.

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