Expect traffic delays on A6

Expect traffic delays on A6

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published: August 08, 2016

Expect significant traffic congestion and delays on the A6 surrounding the Ramstein/Landstuhl exchange, 8-31 August.

Construction on the A6-Saarbrücken on and off ramps at Ramstein/Landstuhl will cause detours for drivers wishing to enter or exit the A6-Saarbrücken.

In order to exit the A6-Saarbrücken at the Ramstein/Landstuhl (Westbound) exit, drivers will need to continue traveling to the Miseau exit and execute a U-turn using the ramps.

In order to enter the A6-Saarbrücken from the Ramstein/Landstuhl ramp (Westbound), drivers will need to first travel direction Mannheim (Eastbound) and then execute a U-turn by utilizing the Einsiedlerhof exit.

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