Download the FBI’S Child ID app to protect your kids

Download the FBI’S Child ID app to protect your kids

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published: February 02, 2017

Ever year, thousands of children go missing. The FBI’s new Child ID APP can help.

Simply download the free FBI mobile application from the App Store on iTunes, add the latest photos of your child, enter key information about him or her, and update it regularly.

In the unlikely even that your child goes missing, you can quickly email the photos and information to authorities. The app also includes safety advice and checklists for parents. Please be assured, no information about you or your child will be collected or stored by the FBI or iTunes.

How to use the FBI Child ID App

1. Download the free app on Android or iOS.
2. Press the plus sign on the top right to add your child.
3. Submit your child’s information, guardian’s information and photo of child.
4. If you are in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, ensure to place the KMCMissingChild[at]us[dot]af[dot]mil email in the preferred law enforcement office block.
5. In the event your child goes missing, open the app and press send.
6. Contact the appropriate law enforcement desk, and report your missing child.
7. Protect the app with a password to reduce the possibility of sending an inadvertent message.

Put your child’s safety in your own hands. Download the FBI’s Child ID app today.

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