Can't find it on Try

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Can't find it on Try

by: Genevieve Northup | .
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published: December 15, 2016

December is already halfway over, and with that comes frenzied last-minute holiday shopping. Thanks to, gift giving is so much easier — most of the time. 

Unfortunately, many third-party merchants do not ship to APOs or charge more for shipping than the value of the item being purchased. And packages from Amazon Marketplace vendors are likely to arrive long after the holidays. The biggest hassle of all is that you're unlikely to see the actual shipping cost and timeline until you get to checkout. 

The good news while living in Germany? is available in English, and packages often arrive in one to three days. Enter your credentials, then select "EN" under the language selection to the left of the "Welcome [your name]" in the upper-right banner visible once logged in. Shop just as you do on, and provide your German address at checkout. If you live on base, contact the housing office or installation post office to obtain the correct physical German address. 

You can also pick up your packages from the nearest DHL packing station. If you're in Ramstein, there's a station in the Edeka parking lot. 

Shop tax-free! Value-added taxes (VAT) are included in the price of goods on, usually 19 percent. To receive your VAT refund under the Status of Forces Agreement, you'll need to mail (via DHL or Deutsche Post) a copy of the invoice received with merchandise and a signed VAT form to:
Im Gewerbepark D 55
93059 Regensburg

If an item was purchased from a third-party seller, you will need to contact the vendor directly for a refund. Be aware that some vendors may not accept VAT forms. 

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